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One of the last great pieces of internet real estate is up for sale
In the very specific world of internet domain-name sales, is the kind of gem that doesn't come on the market often. It's short. It's memorable. And it's a term that, according to the domain's current owner, some 15,000 people already type ...

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CBS Boston / WBZ

Cats Care More About People Than Food, Study Finds
CBS Boston / WBZ
CBS Local – Cats do care about their humans. Really. According to a new study, cats care about people even more than food. The study took both domestic and sheltered cats and gave them different choices of stimuli. The cats could choose between food, ...
Turns out that cats actually like people after allTreehugger
Good news: science says your cat actually does want to chill with youAOL
Study: Cats like you better than foodFox5NY
Konbini US -Yahoo News -Science Direct
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Cats are natural-born performers. Just ask the director of the documentary Kedi.
The best movie of 2017 so far — if you ask me — is director Ceyda Torun's lovely documentary Kedi, which follows the lives of several street cats in Istanbul. Some have to scrap to stay alive, while others have developed a friendly co-existence with ...

Eater Atlanta

Java Cats Cafe Is Now the Cutest, Cuddliest Coffee Shop in Atlanta
Eater Atlanta
The cat cafe trend has been booming in Asia for a couple of decades, and it's gained momentum in North America over the past few years. Now, the city of Atlanta has a feline-friendly coffee shop of its own: Java Cats Cafe officially opened at 415 ...

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ABC Online

Cat de-sexing laws could be enforced in Canberra under new strategy
ABC Online
Cat owners who do not de-sex their animals may no longer be able to escape the long arm of the law, if a new strategy floated today is implemented by the ACT Government. Under current ACT laws, cat owners must have their animal de-sexed once they ...

Birds, Cats, Skulls, Yeah!
Dallas Observer
Some people like cats, some don't and that divide goes beyond mere personal preference. The cultural associations of cats range from power to creativity to resurrection. The same could be said for birds and skulls, the other seemingly disparate topics ...

FOX31 Denver

The Dumb Friends League Puts Cats to Work
FOX31 Denver
It's a concept you may not be familiar with, but it's creating a higher quality of life for people and pets. Not every cat is lazy and cuddly, and they're much happier earning their keep. That's why The Dumb Friends League is helping put cats to work ...

CBS Chicago

U of I Student's Non-Profit Finds Homes For Senior Dogs, Cats
CBS Chicago
CHICAGO (CBS) — She might be one of Illinois' youngest founders of a not-for-profit, and her mission is to help the oldest dogs and cats find homes. It was three years ago when Zoe Kharasch adopted Newman, an old dog at a Lake County shelter.

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Journal Scan: New insights on treating hypertension in cats
fantom_rd/Shutterstock.comHypertension is common in older cats (especially those with chronic kidney disease), and amlodipine besylate is the primary treatment of choice. It acts by blocking L-type calcium channels in vascular smooth muscle and is ...

The Drinks Business

'Pawsecco' for cats and dogs released
The Drinks Business
Back in 2013 Japanese pet food maker B&H Lives launched a wine for cats called Nyan Nyan Nouveau (“Meow Nouveau”). The non-alcoholic 'wine' was made with the juice of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and contained traces of catnip and vitamin C.



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